The end of the world is near ...

The end of the world is near.
The ten plagues of Pharaoh “have been brought upon” the USA.
When Barack Obama announced the US (2010) national budget for this year, we experienced unprecedented feelings. Never before had an imperialistic power moved them to pity. This is unthought-of. This year’s deficit is estimated to be $1.6 trillion and its foreign debt has gotten completely out of hand. It hits numbers that only mathematicians and astrophysicists knew existed few decades ago. There is no space for these numbers in the electronic boards so it is driven to add new elements on them.

USA’s debt is approximately $13 trillion. That is $13,000,000,000,000, a humongous numeric size as you can see. It’s a debt that has been increasing since September 2007 at the blistering pace of $4 billion per DAY. That is $120 billion per MONTH or $1,440,000,000,000 per YEAR. And these are just the minimum, whether President Obama realizes his social dreams or not......

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