Arab Spring or Afghan Winter?

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What is the truth behind the situation in the Middle East?
Why are Americans taking down their regimes?
What are the intentions of the Islamists in Athens?
Watching the domino of developments in the Middle East, one can only wonder at this seemingly controversial American political strategy. The regimes which are currently being taken down with the blessings of the Americans are neither unfamiliar nor baleful to them. Most of them are the result of their own actions during Cold War. As proven in retrospect with the case of the so-called revolutionary Qaddafi who turned out to be Blair’s boss and a bountiful sponsor of LSE, everything had been regulated. He was a financial tycoon and tycoons are always favored by the banking New Order of Things.

All kindred cases of the so-called socialists who have been taken down are more or less the same. Given the facts, these regimes did not pose a real threat to the New Order. Billionaires like Qaddafi, Ben Ali and Mubarak did not pose a threat to the New Order. All these people have proven to be shrewd investors as well as revolutionaries. They were clever investors who preferred to entrust their money in recognized American investment companies. They had adept knowledge of the market given the fact that they chose to invest on real estates in London and New York. All the so-called socialists of the Muslim countries were billionaires. They were clients to all charitable banking institutions of the American imperialism.
During the same period, the imbecile Hillary Clinton the favorite person of these same banking institutions arrives on the scene and wantonly and disrespectfully — speaks ill of a dead man. That benighted and tacky cuckquean paraphrased Caesar’s .....celebrated phrase saying: “We came, we saw, he died” in her effort to show — and prove — that the USA has played a leading part in this seemingly inexplicable reversal of the situation. Later on, the head of the State Department — of a country that has declared war against Islamic supposed terrorism — seems to be engaging in discussions with the most ardent Islamists. Following the USA’s support on the case of Qaddafi’s overthrow, she currently supports the fanatics who want to overthrow Al-Assad as well, another billionaire and old friend of the USA. 

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