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Europe has been captured by usurious mobsters
The evil-doers have defeated the Generals
It took three World Wars, thousands of millions of casualties and around 100 years for the Americans to conquer Europe
The gang’s nesting lies in today’s Nazi Germany

The end of WWI has left Europe in absolute shock. It had just gone through the ultimate human carnage. At a time when it hoped that technology would be the solution to all its problems, Europe witnessed the former take a shooting position and turn its sights on it, showing no mercy whatsoever. The wildest human instincts combined forces with modern technology and the result was utterly shocking. The human flesh just couldn’t get enough of the new machine guns invented by humans with the purpose to bump off their kind. Even animals have never been dealt with such slaughterous attitude. Technology spewed out death and death dropped all its weight on the human species. Whether in the form of a round or a poisonous gas, it attacked humans and brought devastation.
From that moment on, human flesh and its properties stopped being the drawing line for ending warfare. It was the power of the hard steel that would determine the outcome of the battle, not the trained bodies of the people who held it. The time had come when just a finger – even of the most spineless man – functioning well enough to pull the trigger of the machine gun was more important than a hero’s body. What carried weight at that time was the intensity of the poisonous gas instead of the intense spirit of a brave warrior; it was the load of ammunition peoples had to spare instead of the load of a peoples’ bravery that carried the weight. There were no more humans-heroes for the simple reason that humans had stopped being the major players in a war. Humans were mere extras; victims; the target; the meat. The war machines had become the new major players.
Even during the saddest shows put on throughout the centuries, humans had made a fine job of being the less important player; of becoming an extra; of becoming a piece of meat that technology had to eliminate.  The faceless and cold technology that had no emotions would mow down everything, whether it was ears of wheat or human bodies. Technology vies hard wheat as much an enemy as a hard human body. It makes no difference that wheat is dealt with a reaping machine and humans with a machine gun. All technology sees is a problem that needs to be dealt with the easiest and cheapest way possible....

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